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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 31, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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the bill suggests, jail. >> go ahead and jail them. >> watch where your going. >> i noticed the cable. bill: i understand you hate this. >> it is a whole bunch of groupies altogether. i needed a makeover. hello have a. >> commuters, another tunnel under the hudson river because the 1st one is over a century old. >> $70 million. bill: hank, texting and walking. get landed in jail in the garden state.
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it is true. if you are a pedestrian crossing the street in a crosswalk but are on the phone, if you believe the numbers that is dangerous and not too smart. pedestrians texting in the crosswalk. the core your going. >> i am sorry, but you walked right out in front of me. >> you are on your phone, not even paying attention. >> what? >> this is the funniest picture. sorry. i could have killed you. >> lighten up. >> anyway, a democrat is addressing the problem with a new bill or trying
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can blame electronic devices for the increase in pedestrian accidents over the last six years adding that policy must change. it makes sense. >> people should be texting in safe places, not crossing streets are driving down the street. >> here is the her. the bill suggests penalties should match those for jaywalking offenders. jail. >> i think that is a little bit much. i think that they should maybe have community service and the fine. that is a better alternative. bill: community service instead of jail. listen, you know i'm going to stop. going to cross right in front of the shop.
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what do you here? text walking across the street. >> a better stay away from him. >> seriously. a lot of people in jail right now. maybe amaybe a lot of them should not be there. what about enforcement. i can see that. >> it is so stupid, i don't even no where to begin. i personally cross a lot of streets. i text quite a bit as well, but at the end of the day, it does not matter who has the right-of-way. >> go ahead and jail them. tens of thousands of people end up in the emergency room many times because they were texting and walking. >> if everyone were in jail it would be a safe world. >> if you cannot walk and
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>> maybe there should just be a test. you can't use the crosswalk unless you can show that you can text and walk. look at this. i noticed the cable while i was texting. bill: "high speed chase",. >> police released a video ofa video of a man accused of raping a transgender woman in a restroom. 5-foot ten, 250 pounds. they also are hoping to identify him. >> this video and hopes to locate and identify a man wanted for multiple robberies at 711's, blackmail about 20 years old. fifty-eight to 510 approximately 150 pounds.
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poisoning after an alarming number of schools tested positive for lead in their drinking water. now residents are concerned that homes are contaminated. >> lead and water. we went to his kitchen to test his water. he turned on the faucet. i was like, no, turn it off. extremely important the water has been sitting in the pipe for a good amount of time because you want to see what is in the pipe. >> we will know. >> we will make sure we are keeping you safe. bill: it is not like a pregnancy test. >> are you lying?
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>> one week. >> that is better than the city. >> icity. >> i want to get to the bottom of who knew what when. we know the epa came in in 2,003 and tested the water. but the school district turn down. why? well, i asked him directly if he knew about the contaminated water. >> were you ever alerted there was lead in the water? >> never, never had any communication since the schools were taken over. >> this is something we have heard from many politicians, so i pushed a little further. >> did the parents ever alert you to the problem? >> no. >> here he is why he believed the state would cover it up. >> i would have been another monumental community uprising. so they sweated under the
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bill: the epa came in and talked to the school district in the state and said, you have a problem, not only do you know about it but he said he had no knowledge of it. bill: i understand you hate crossfit.
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out. very functional movements performed at high intensity. based on functional movement. these are the core movement of life, whose? certainly not mine command i i would not date someone that does it because those people are weird. >> you need that on the 3rd round. >> first place. first place. >> that was until i met camille. >> the fittest woman on earth. >> who would not want to date the fittest woman on earth. i need to take my own. i headed to ice nyc.
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on your back the same way you would be after a hurricane. >> maybe it is this attitude. >> working out. >> he was currently working out. >> and then those that are not cross figures. >> i have had guys make comments about the fact that i lift heavier than them. you stick with the people that get it. >> now, they agreed some push it too far. had me at hello.
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>> have a hubbub. >> the perfect test, instructor by day the production of jersey boy. handpicked for me and other women to make them feel more comfortable. >> especially a lot of them, the confidence and more in charge. >> his fiance e is also a subscriber. >> it is an excellent dating place. i met my husband through there.
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steadfast and alone. got hungry. >> a car show unlike any other.
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bill: in studio. >> you can't edit around that? >> unlike any other. >> big brand cars on display everywhere here at the international auto show. i am on the hunt for something a little more vintage. bringing it back to 1968 when chitty chitty bang bang stole the hearts of moviegoers everywhere. >> my uncle got us tickets. i saw the movie for the 1st time. radio city music hall. the cast was there the 1st
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since i was a kid. >> as you can see, that is exactly what he did. >> i want to learn how to do something. >> this is more. >> it took five years, more than $100,000. >> finding a car, the steering wheel is on the right-hand side like in the movie. the wings on the backend front. a real engine that drives and is registered with seatbelts on lights and the
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>> where the wings are. >> like a parachute. >> you click wrapped up the project in 2016. >> one interested buyer. has yet to accept it, so you tell me, are you the next better? >> commuters have been needing this because the current one is over one century-old, damaged by hurricane sandy and will have to be shut down for renovations. we will get a new tunnel.
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splitting the $70 million price tag half-and-half. it is only for environmental work. i chased this to the hudson yard in manhattan. a railroad advocate. $70 million, is that good news? >> it is a combination. >> and i asked him, do we know when the tunnel will be billed? and he said there is the realm. >> contractors, the cost will go up. >> what this project is
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they showed me this graphic. the hudson tunnel is only the 1st aspect. as you can see, there are many components, a new bridge. bill: i understand you have your own design. >> i wanted to see if i can build my own tunnel. >> i'm going to build the hudson tunnel myself. how hard can it be. bill: can ii see it?
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>> coming to atlantic city. bill: a personal story. >> some people think it is a sad story, but i don't. go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps in the air for me go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps in the air for me i can't lip-synch in these conditions. savings
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bill: coming up next
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>> governor christie calls and to clarify controversy. holding a box of m&ms and
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he wants to clarify. bill: was right. >> i bought a box of candy like that. perhaps he was just trying to clarify. >> let's clear that on up. >> the annual garden state film festival is coming to atlantic city. one of the movies that can be seen as part of a three-part film highlighting awareness. >> i cannot win. i want someone to remember me is the girl who stood up
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>> here to talk to us is the director and star. bill: you have got a personal story. >> some people think it is a sad story, but i don't. he would fill up on his own fluids. his wife was gone. he was terminal. we talked about it, doctor kevorkian. it is a topic everyone should have. i could not give him what he wanted. bill: we are talking about jj hansen, marine.
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remission. >> with the film does is leave you with some it's your choice. how many times he faced with diagnosis of terminal illness? i don't know what i'm going to do. if anything maybe we reform hospice. bill: what is it like being in the movie? how was it? >> it was exciting. it was an honor to be the voice of this issue. it's a tricky topic to bring up in conversation. bill: new actors get out
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dish nation. what's going on, everybody. a shout out to hyde yan eidi and frank. "empire" is returning tonight. first, drama in the basketball world, this time iggy azalea is involved. a private conservation with recorded with nick young who is iggy's fiance, and on part of the tape, he kind of admitted to cheating on iggy. >> you were 30, she was 19? >> what about amber rose?


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